I am very excited about my manager's second book OCEAN DRIVE it is a fast paced, edge of your seat suspense thriller that takes place in South Beach in 1999. The book is launching worldwide in 51 countries on iTunes. It has been specially designed to look awesome and read best on iPad, iPhone, or Mac. It is a compelling story with short chapters and non-stop action with a surprise ending you won't see coming! Pick it up today.....Click on the picture for the link.

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Lady Antebellum "Bartender" Music Video First Look.

As you must know by now if you follow my career I have done a ton of music videos. My latest, with Kate Upton on Lady Antebellum's "Bartender" was super fun to work on. I hadn't seen Kate in years so it was great seeing her again. Many thanks to the whole crew on this one and to Dustin Blackburn and my manager Buck Winthrop for making it happen! xxBB

Drake Bell Behind The Scenes by Karina Menezes

It is really exciting working on music video shoots. You get to meet so many talented people on location. Drake Bell's "Bitchcraft Video shoot was one long fun ride from start to finish. Karina Menezes, an amazingly talented film student from San Diego was on set shooting footage which appeared on Entertainment Tonight. She put together this behind the scenes video and is working on a Demo Reel for me that I am so excited about.